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Hide and Seek by Asa Gochenour
8x10 Original $795

I had a lot of fun on this painting. I added a bear cub in the tree and a mama bear below. She appears to be looking around for him. When I was a young boy, I loved playing hide and seek with my mom. She usually always found me. But sometimes I would climb a tree and she had no idea where I went! Those memories are some of my favorite souvenirs from my childhood. I hope you enjoy my painting, "Hide and Seek".

- Asa Gochenour

Enjoy this timelapse video of Jess Wathen drawing "Starlight." 


Jess Wathen is an artist whose originals we carry. He does a beautiful mix of modern fantasy with classic wildlife. It is a fresh new perspective on a well-loved subject. 

From the artist: 

"Typically, I turn to the old masters for inspiration since I feel art was at its greatest during that time period--or at least more objectivity was present. In fact, while painting, I often watch some of my favorite documentaries featuring such artists and their excellence. During that time, technical superiority was king, and that is something I try to emulate. I am greatly influenced by the equal marriage of exceptional skill and talent that helped beauty and talent prevail. Today, it would appear concepts are praised more so than the execution. I suppose I mention all of this to reveal my objective: to execute very refined realism that showcases beauty and pays homage to the greats."

Introducing Asa Gochenour, a talented new artist that we will be carrying. New originals available!!

From the artist:

I grew up in southern New Mexico, USA, and still live there. At a very young age I developed a passion for art and the great outdoors. Influenced by my mother and grandmother, both artists, and collectors. I decided to give art a try. I was twelve years old the first time I used oils. Since age 16, I have been painting full time, I'm 22 now. I want my paintings to capture the essence of what God has already done. I want people to slow down and appreciate the beauty in our world. Realism is my primary style. When I was young, I vowed that if I ever became an artist, I would paint realistic, but still make sure my art had the charm of a painting and not just look like a photograph. I am fasinated by dramatic light and color. Most of my paintings are composed from my imagination and from several photograghs put together to create the perfect hamony. I paint because it makes me happy. If my art touches someones heart and makes them feel peace and awe in their soul, then it's all worth it. But really, I love painting so much, If I was the only person on earth I would still paint. I'm happy that I'm not, so I can share it with you. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy my work.

-Asa Gochenour


MarkKeathley was kind enough to share some images of his latest painting in progress. If you like Mark's work, you will enjoy this behind the scenes look at his process.