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Keep in mind that 100% of the auction proceeds goes directly to Lighting the Way Outreach to help the wildfire victims so get ready to pull out those wallets!

December 12th Asa Gochenour 
9x12 "Evening Prayers" Retail Price $795
December 13th Jess Wathen
12x16 "From the Cinders We Rise" Retail Price $875
December 14th Robert Finale
12x16 "Flying Fisherman" Retail Price $2500
December 15th Abraham Hunter
9x12 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $1550
December 16th Rod Chase
7x4.75 "Liberty's Light Study 2" Retail Price $3000
December 17th Mark Keathley 
24x18 "Love the Smokies" Retail Price $8000


December 12th Asa Gochenour 9x12 "Evening Prayers" Retail Price $795

December 13th Jess Wathen 12x16 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $875

December 14th Robert Finale 12x16 "Flying Fisherman Retail Price $2500


December 15th Abraham Hunter 9x12 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $1550

December 16th Rod Chase 7x4.75 "Liberty's Light Study 2" Retail Price $3000


December 17th Mark Keathley  24x18 "Love the Smokies" Retail Price $8000