Somebody's Gotta Do It by Mark Keathley

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Artist Notes:

When your responsibilities are also a part of your livelihood, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you just have to get out in it or you could suffer losses and hurt those you care for - like animals that depend on you. Just yesterday I went out to feed the cows and noticed through the falling snow that one of the cows was not coming up like all the others for feed time. So I went over to her and saw she had just had a little calf. The weather was miserable - below freezing, snow was falling, and the calf was wet and shivering. I was glad I went out and did what had to be done. I’m lucky to share the responsibilities with two young men - Landon and Colter - and quickly invited them into the work. I prepared a warm fresh hay corner in the barn and sent them after the little guy and his mom. It’s rewarding to work hard and care for others. Chores are a part of life - especially life in the country, and I’m proud to present my newest release - “Somebody’s Gotta Do It!”

~ Mark Keathley


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