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Abraham Hunter said that he first began to realize that God had given him a talent at 12 years old. At 14, he begin to hone his skills and pursue it as a career. Over the past 4 years. Abraham has been amazed at how much success he has managed to achieve. This success he attributes this to his faith in God, family and friends.

Being self-taught, it was hard at first since there are no wildlife artists in his home area nor did anyone else in his family have any artistic gifts. But by studying nature first hand, and using reference photos, Abraham was able to improve without any tutoring at all.

Abraham works in oil, acrylic and occasionally watercolor and strives for extreme photorealism most of the time because he feels it properly honors God’s handiwork by showing all the intricate details. He often portrays somewhat “utopia” like scenes because he likes to imagine what it would have been like in the Garden of Eden and wants his viewers to have an encounter with a world lacking of death and turmoil. “I think we get far more fulfillment from that rather than the intense drama of life and death, predator and prey, which we struggle through here on earth.”

If there is one thing I want to capture in my work and be able to share it with my collectors, it would be the abundance and beauty that I enjoy from a close relationship with Jesus Christ and an awe for His marvelous creation.

“When someone looks at my paintings, I want them to feel as if they are right there witnessing first hand what the scene is depicting. I want them to feel the peace, comfort and joy that I experience when I’m studying the outdoors. I also want it to be a time for them to reflect on the beauty of God’s many blessings that seem to go mostly unnoticed in our busy world.”