More are With Us by Mark Keathley

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From the Artist:

These days there is much on the horizon that can bring a wave of panic and fear. In every direction, the enemy comes to intimidate with overwhelming force. The enemy wants to make you cower in fear and cause you to look at your dire circumstances. At times like these, we must take up our position in the battle. It might feel like you are completely alone, but when you are standing with God, you are in a majority against the enemy. So be brave, and put on the armor of God that was made especially for you. I believe in this day and age, God is going to give us His perspective on the battle, as well as what the enemy is up to. He will shine a light of understanding and reveal to us what he is up to with thoughts and visions he promised in the last days. He will give us strength and we can take courage because of His promises to us. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 Know that we are able to battle in the spiritual realms with singing and praise! We can defeat the enemy by simply retelling the tales of the victories God has done in our lives. We can send the dark forces away and bind them up with a single word. We have power - because HE IS IN US.

My new painting depicts the time when the servant of Elisha came out early one morning and saw the enemy army coming to capture Elisha. He ran back in afraid and when Elisha came out with him to see what was going on, he simply prayed “Open his eyes so he can see” and the servant's eyes were opened and he saw what Elisha stated next (2 Kings 6:16) “More are with us than are with them.” So the next time a wave of fear comes upon you and the enemy is right in your face - Look up - and ask to receive a glimpse of what God is up to! He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He has demonstrated over the ages that He comes to the aid of those who trust in Him. So, trust Him - He has a plan and will let you be a part of it when we have the faith to see what He is up to.

~ Mark Keathley



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24x20  SN   495     $895  Framed    or     $695  Unframed
24x20  AP    25    $1395  Framed    or    $1195  Unframed
30x24  SN    95    $1395  Framed    or    $1075  Unframed
30x24  AP    15    $1995  Framed    or    $1675  Unframed
48x36  SN    50    $1395  Framed    or    $1075  Unframed
60x48  SN    25    $1995  Framed    or    $1675  Unframed


Myrtle Beach Sunrise by Abraham Hunter

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From the Artist:

I’m lucky enough to have my art shown in several great galleries. Masters Editions Galleries in Myrtle Beach wants me back twice a year for signing and “thank you sketching” events where I create a sketch for anyone who has collected my art as a way of saying thank you.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Myrtle Beach area because of doing these shows, and have fallen in love. Nothing is quite as refreshing as walking onto a beach framed with sand dunes and beach grasses and having the fresh salt air relieve my stress from preparing for the shows. This painting is my attempt at capturing that feeling and sharing it with you.

~Abraham Hunter


PRINTABLE PDF - Myrtle Beach Sunrise

12x16     SN     95     $550 Framed  or    $400 Unframed
12x16     AP     15     $895 Framed  or    $745 Unframed

Charleston Harbor by Abraham Hunter

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From the Artist:

Charleston, South Carolina is one of my favorite places to visit in the South! I love how each building, street, and dock are packed full of stories waiting for a painting to bring them to life. In this painting, I tried to imagine life in colonial times sailing in on a big merchant ship and arriving on a warm, humid evening into Charleston Harbor. After researching Charleston's colonial era, this is my depiction of the city's skyline during that era.

The last time I visited Charleston, I took a tour of the big building that is featured in the center of this painting. George Washington visited the ballroom of this building when South Carolina ratified the Constitution! If you are ever in town you have to go there and take a tour!

I hope y’all enjoy this painting and I hope I was able to transport you back in time with all of the small details so that you can feel like you’re right there enjoying this romantic city!

~Abraham Hunter


12x24   SN    95     $695 Framed  or    $545 Unframed
12x24   AP    15    $1195 Framed  or   $1045 Unframed
18x36   SN    95    $1195 Framed  or    $965 Unframed
18x36   AP    15    $1895 Framed  or   $1665 Unframed
24×48   SN    50    $1795 Framed  or   $1345 Unframed
24×48   AP     5    $2795 Framed  or   $2345 Unframed
36×72   PE     5   $10500 Framed  or   $9700 Unframed

Tweetheart Cottage by Abraham Hunter

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• Exclusive Release •

From the Artist:

I’ve begun a new habit of sketching in a sketchbook each day. I draw whatever is on my heart or in my head. My go-to subject lately has been chickadees! It’s always so much fun to put out seed and watch them flutter around. So it’s no wonder they often find their way into my art. This piece I started working on to just kill time for fun and then it evolved into a fully finished painting! This pair of chickadees have found a wonderful home in the country where they can spend time together, raise their babies, and enjoy each day amongst the wildflowers! That sounds like a loving home!

~Abraham Hunter


12x16     AP     25     $895 Framed  or    $745 Unframed



Somebody's Gotta Do It by Mark Keathley

• Exclusive Release •

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Exclusive Release •

Artist Notes:

When your responsibilities are also a part of your livelihood, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you just have to get out in it or you could suffer losses and hurt those you care for - like animals that depend on you. Just yesterday I went out to feed the cows and noticed through the falling snow that one of the cows was not coming up like all the others for feed time. So I went over to her and saw she had just had a little calf. The weather was miserable - below freezing, snow was falling, and the calf was wet and shivering. I was glad I went out and did what had to be done. I’m lucky to share the responsibilities with two young men - Landon and Colter - and quickly invited them into the work. I prepared a warm fresh hay corner in the barn and sent them after the little guy and his mom. It’s rewarding to work hard and care for others. Chores are a part of life - especially life in the country, and I’m proud to present my newest release - “Somebody’s Gotta Do It!”

~ Mark Keathley


36x36     SN    25    $1795 Framed   or    $1345 Unframed

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