Introducing Asa Gochenour, a talented new artist that we will be carrying. New originals available!!

From the artist:

I grew up in southern New Mexico, USA, and still live there. At a very young age I developed a passion for art and the great outdoors. Influenced by my mother and grandmother, both artists, and collectors. I decided to give art a try. I was twelve years old the first time I used oils. Since age 16, I have been painting full time, I'm 22 now. I want my paintings to capture the essence of what God has already done. I want people to slow down and appreciate the beauty in our world. Realism is my primary style. When I was young, I vowed that if I ever became an artist, I would paint realistic, but still make sure my art had the charm of a painting and not just look like a photograph. I am fasinated by dramatic light and color. Most of my paintings are composed from my imagination and from several photograghs put together to create the perfect hamony. I paint because it makes me happy. If my art touches someones heart and makes them feel peace and awe in their soul, then it's all worth it. But really, I love painting so much, If I was the only person on earth I would still paint. I'm happy that I'm not, so I can share it with you. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy my work.

-Asa Gochenour