Curious Cub by Abraham Hunter

Curious Cub AH


From the Artist:

Last year, I got some time off and made a visit to the Smoky Mountains. While I was there, I decided to head into Cades Cove to take some photos, find inspiration, and recharge. After hiking and driving all around the park, I finally found this little cub sitting under a tree just enjoying the day and curiously looking me over. I quickly snapped a few photos as reference for this painting. Then he climbed a tree and took a nap while his mom foraged for food nearby. It was such a special experience that I wanted to share it with you in this painting. This is one of my most detailed paintings. I really wanted it to feel as if you were there in the forest with him and enjoying the rebirth of spring while relaxing in the shade. I hope this little cub brightens up your day just like he did mine!

~ Abraham Hunter

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