We see a lot of people here at the gallery, and many of them complain of lack of space in their homes. That's no reason not to have something you love! I suggest thinking of your home like a museum. Museums have hundreds to thousands of paintings and artifacts (depending on the size and prestige of the museum, of course). To be able to show a good selection of their artwork, they rotate it constantly. Most people are not going to have the resources of a museum, but we can still follow their example...

You could change paintings each season so that your painting matches the season. Or, you could change paintings each month--following the seasons as well, or just putting up whatever you feel like looking at that month. You could even change them out weekly if you like. Whichever path you choose, this will allow you to make your home feel fresh and new each time you swap them out. In time, even a favorite image can become boring from constant exposure. So... purchase that painting you are so in love with! Give your walls a change. It doesn't mean you have to get rid of what's already hanging there--it just means you get to change your space when you feel like you need a change of scenery.

An easy, often affordable way to update a space is to add some fresh new art prints to the wall. You can even lean framed prints against the wall if you position them properly on a mantle or credenza. Art can do a lot to breath in fresh air to a space because often the introduction of pattern and color can make a noticeable difference. Additionally, art can also add personality and capture a certain mood that may make the room feel a bit more interesting which is why it is important to select work that resonates with you. Have you given this much thought? ... Bring things into your home that you connect to personally and to really start to think about this as you are out shopping and collecting art for your home. It's not about purchasing things that others like, or that are trendy or popular, or that simply "match" but give careful thought to how the things that you display in your home make you feel. How they impact your mood is critical to having a home that you really love!  (How Does Your Art Make You Feel? by Holly Becker)