We carry giclee prints published by different companies which means they may require slightly different handling techniques depending on the artist.

Prints by Abraham Hunter and Mark Keathley are fairly durable. They are sprayed with a special UV clear coat that protects the canvas's colors from fading from UV light. This also puts an extra layer over the pigments so they are harder to damage. For these prints, you should be able to use a clean damp cloth without damaging the image.

For prints by the majority of our other artists, you need to be more careful. They are very delicate and completely intolerant to water and moisture.They should be handled as carefully as you would handle an original watercolor taking special care to avoid any contact with water or mist. Please make certain that your hands are clean, dry and oil-free before touching it. (Perspiration on your hands or fingers will damage the image.) For these, you should be able to use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, electrostatic dust cloth, or feather duster without damaging your image. Be sure to dust lightly so as not to scratch the image.

If this doesn't answer your questions regarding cleaning your giclee canvas print, please give us a call or send us an email.



We take no responsibility for and damage incurred by use or misuse of this advice.