Do you need inspiration to get your walls in tip top shape? Here is an idea that you may not have seen before. Allow me to illuminate you...


Don't think you have to be stuck with just one piece of artwork on your wall. Be not afraid of the cluster. By cluster, I mean a grouping of different pieces of artwork in different sizes that come together to create one large piece. If you feel the need for cohesion, you can choose a theme, a color story, use similar frames, etc. However, dont' feel like you MUST do any of those things. All of the different elements together can create gorgeous texture and visual interest. Clustering creates an organic, modern look that has a lot of impact.

When you are putting it together, lay it out on the floor first so you don't end up with a million holes in your wall. As you lay things out, bear in mind that you don't want one side to be more visually "heavy" than another. If you have a big piece of artwork, balance it out with several smaller ones close together to create the feel of a larger piece.

When you create a grouping you like, be sure to take a quick picture of it before changing something just in case you don't care for the changes. By doing something that isn't a square or rectangle, you don't have to be as precise, and it won't drive you as crazy. Plus, you can continue to add on to the outer edges as your art collection grows. 

Before hanging, a good idea can be to get a big piece of craft paper and trace the layout so that you will know exactly where to put your nails. Again, this isn't as important as it would be if you were going for a super symmetrical layout. 

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