Mountain Village by Abraham Hunter


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From the Artist:

A lot of my recent work reflects on my growing fascination with details and composition. A composition helps lead your eye into a piece, but well-placed details seem to keep you there, and if done right they can even make you feel like you’re actually living in the painting. Hung on the wall, I want my art to be an extra window in your house that you can walk in and feel free and peaceful.

This painting depicts a small quaint village somewhere in the highlands, and it reminds me a lot of the countryside of the United Kingdom. I was striving for you to be welcomed into the piece by following the path around the bend, into the light, over the bridge, to the church and beyond to the majestic hills. But I didn’t want to force the viewers eye onto that path, so I placed a flower gardens to smell, docked boats to row, ducks to feed, a village to enter, a sunset to soak up, and a house to go inside in order to give you a sense of home and belonging while still giving you the option to walk out of town and explore the forests. That’s just one-way art can be a window to a better world only by hanging on your wall! Painting is a lot of fun!

~Abraham Hunter

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Mountain Cascade by Mark Keathley



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Artist Notes:

In pursuit of beauty, Bonnie and I often trek for miles to find something worthy of painting. In my artistic endeavors, I want to bring forth the very best in design and composition, as well as dynamic and believable color and detail. There are so many factors that must come together to create a pleasing and inspiring scene. It is rare to find “IT” in real life.

Last fall, while in Colorado I heard about a waterfall on Cascade Creek up a few miles in a large valley below Engineer Peak north of Durango. We set off one afternoon to find it and walked and walked and walked. The end of the trail was rather disappointing. After a dry summer, the cascade was just a trickle, and I didn’t get any photos worth painting.

Sometimes our efforts are disappointing, but the journey along the way is valuable. This painting, “Mountain Cascades” is a testament to this truth. I never did see anything so amazing it would become my next great piece, but along the trail, I found a moss-covered area in the woods, some beautiful logs, inviting turns in the trail, inspiring light and other elements that were interesting. I, also, had a soft hand to hold on occasion as we traversed the rugged terrain. On the drive back to our cabin, a waterfall just off the road caught my attention, and I pulled over to explore it. It became the subject of this piece, which I enhanced with many other images from the 5-hour hike. I am reminded of this when I’m working side by side with my boys, building something on the farm, or putting up some fence. The beauty isn’t just in the finished product, but the journey along the way, the people we walk beside, and the strength and skill we gain in the process. Step back from all that and you will see a life that is good - with purpose and design in it all - just like in one of my favorite of all time paintings - Mountain Cascade.

~ Mark Keathley

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Mountain Cascade by Mark Keathley

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Mountain Village by Abraham Hunter

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Heron Inlet by Abraham Hunter

• Exclusive Release •

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Beach Life by Abraham Hunter

• Exclusive Release •

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Passing Storm over Arlington Row 

by Rod Chase

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In the Eye of the Storm by Abraham Hunter

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From the Artist:

Sometimes we all live behind a “mask” to cover up the storm in our lives and the pain we are facing. Behind my mask and persona, my life was so tough and, quite honestly, just dark last year and at the beginning of this year. Probably the only time that comes close in comparison was when my family was homeless and in extreme poverty when I was a kid. This spring has been far better but still a big challenge as I’ve dealt with a colicky newborn, the struggle as a young father to find a work and life balance, falling behind in my work, health issues, handling criticisms from almost all fronts, and the other stresses of life that I won’t even start to get in to. No matter what I’ve achieved in my life, I’ve always felt like I had to keep fighting the current so I don’t drown, and with everything piling up I’ve just felt so confused and overwhelmed. I know most everyone reading this has been in the same boat before.

One day I got to my studio and found myself humming “In The Eye Of The Storm” for some reason, and I played it on YouTube. About halfway through, some of the words hit me hard, and I felt like expressing how I wanted God to part the dark roaring waves of my life and give my mind some peace. A couple of weeks earlier, my wife had drawn a sketch of Jesus calming the storms. I taped her sketch up to the wall for reference, grabbed the largest canvas in my studio, and immersed myself in the story of Jesus commanding the wind and weather to be at peace. I just finished this 28”x42” the other day, and it’s amazing to me that my mind seems to be more at peace already. I guess I learned from my own painting. In this painting, I tried to capture the bewildered disciples and the mass of confused dark waves that had made them afraid for their lives. This tangled mass of waves and storm clouds races away from the power of Jesus’ command to be still, and the eye of the storm breaks as heaven’s light pours down on the peaceful waters surrounding the boat. After painting this, now when I read the story of Jesus calming the seas, I see it with through new eyes. Fear had ruled the waves of the sea and the minds of the disciples, but when Jesus stood up and stretched out His arms, it was the turning point in the storm! Enough was enough! Darkness could not keep running the show anymore! It was time for peace! “In The Eye Of The Storm,” Jesus remains in control of everything!

~Abraham Hunter

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18x27     SN    295     $895 Framed  or    $695 Unframed
18x27     AP     25    $1395 Framed  or   $1195 Unframed •SOLD OUT•
24x36     SN    195    $1395 Framed  or   $1075 Unframed
24x36     AP     25    $1995 Framed  or   $1675 Unframed
28x42     SN     25    $1795 Framed  or   $1345 Unframed
28x42     AP      5    $2795 Framed  or   $2345 Unframed

Dreams of Africa by Mark Keathley

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God's Country by Abraham Hunter

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The Masked Fisherman by Abraham Hunter

Exclusive Release

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