Evening in Venice by Rod Chase

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 From the Artist:

Our first evening in Italy found us on the Ponte dell'Accademia overlooking the famous Grand Canal. Although this scene was familiar to me through art and photographs, nothing could compare to actually standing on the foot-bridge surrounded by the ancient beauty of Venice. My view is actually a composite of three different photos taken at different spots on the bridge forming a more pleasing panoramic composition. Gondolas were added to give the painting life and interest. As in my painting 'The Glory of San Pietro', I muted the colors and intensified the detail symbolizing the rich history and texture of this old-world city. My wife and I look forward to one day returning to Italy and reliving our first 'Evening in Venice'. -- Rod Chase

18x36  SN  500   $650 Unframed  or  $880 Framed
10x20  OE        $110 Unframed  or  $260 Framed


Renascence by Jess Wathen

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From the artist:

A cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed. When you see one, it means they are visiting you. They usually show up when you most need them or miss them. They also make an appearance during times of celebration as well as despair to let you know they will always be with you. Look for them, and they'll appear.

12x16   S/N   (95)    $550 Framed   or    $400 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12x16   A/P   (15)    $895 Framed   or    $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12x16   C/E   (25)    $895 Framed   or    $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•


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Leap of Faith by Abraham Hunter


From the Artist:

The disciples are struggling to save their tattered, sinking ship just like we struggle to save our own lives when we don't let go to focus on Christ. They're trying to pull as hard as possible on the rudder to change their direction not realizing that when you're in a small boat, you should sail into the waves instead of running from them. Because they turn away from the waves in fear, they are now broadsided against the pummeling water which has begun filling their boat. This illustrates how when we try to manage the direction of our lives, we can actually self-destruct and sink ourselves by allowing our lives to be governed by fear without Christ. Peter is the only one of the disciples with relaxed shoulders. He has surrendered to faith and let go of his fear. Faith precedes the miracle. All of his anxiety is gone because he's only focused on going to hug Jesus.

The light rays shining in are from the Father, parting the storm. Peter was, at that moment, living in the same mindset of faith as Christ, so I showed an equal ray of light from the Father on Peter and on His son, Jesus. The last little interesting detail is that Jesus, according to the book of Mark, was headed to the other side of the sea of Galilee, and he would have passed up the disciples had they not yelled out in fear. I chose to show Jesus slightly changing direction to his right to go toward Peter. It reminds me of the scripture "draw near to God and he will draw near to you."

I hope this painting makes you ponder and seek the peace and love that comes from no longer thinking it all out, but instead trusting Jesus. One of the biggest struggles we all face is a fast-paced world that causes us constant worry. I was in tears as I painted Christ... the image of perfect love. Faith works by love.

18x27  S/N  (195)     $895 Framed   or     $695 Unframed •SOLD OUT•
18x27  A/P   (25)    $1395 Framed   or    $1195 Unframed •SOLD OUT•
24x36  S/N  (95)    $1395 Framed or $1075 Unframed •SOLD OUT• 24x36  A/P  (15)    $1995 Framed or $1675 Unframed •SOLD OUT• 28x42  P/E   (5)   $4995 Framed or $4545 Unframed •SOLD OUT•

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Through the Ashes by Jess Wathen

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When the wildfires crashed through the area this past fall, many people in the area I call home were adversely affected. People lost their homes, their jobs, and in some cases their lives. While I was extremely lucky, I was still emotionally invested in the story, and I wanted to do something to help in the aftermath shortly following the fire. I created this painting to be auctioned off at a charity event with the money going to help provide food to people in the area.

This painting shows a mother bear with her cubs coming through the smoke and cinders of the forest with ash floating in the air and bits of tree limbs sticking up out of the rubble. Just as she will rise over the adversity to rebuild her life and raise her cubs, so, too, will the people in my hometown create new lives for themselves out of the ashes. The mountains breed a strong, hardy, group of people, and they will continue to prove that they are #MountainStrong as they come "Through the Ashes."

24x18   S/N   (100)   $895 Framed   or   $695 Unframed • SUSPENDED •

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Sent Forth by Jess Wathen

Sent Forth JW 06567 2 Web


Our country is facing waves of adversity both from within and from abroad. Though each generation feels like it is the only one who has faced such hardship, we are merely the latest in a long line who have endured such strife. Like the ark being battered by the storm, we must batten our hatches and brave the tempest in the hopes of coming through safely. Hopefully, we will soon see our beacon of hope returning with an olive leaf to signal the lessening of the storm.

12x16   S/N   (95)   $550 Framed   or   $400 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12x16   A/P   (15)   $895 Framed   or   $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12x16   C/E   (25)   $895 Framed   or   $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•