Abraham Hunter also toured several of our East Tennessee galleries this April. Many of his originals sold as quickly as we brought them into the galleries. 

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Mark Keathley joined us at four of our Tennessee galleries this past April. He sat and chatted with collectors, sketched on the backs of some of his pieces to make them just that much more special, and did a little painting. Mark is so well-loved that even Abraham Hunter stopped by for a little bit to visit and pick his brain. See video of Mark sketching at the event here

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**This inventory list is now at 40% off and may be available at Master's Editions Fine Art.  Please call your favorite art consultant to see if canvas is still available.  This list will be updated weekly and can change at any time.  This list also shows the unframed price so please add the frame cost if you so choose to do so. Since these are so deeply discounted we cannot hold, put on layaway, or take partial payments.   See "link" for listing to your favorite gallery.  Our normal 30-day return guarantee does not apply to these clearance sale images, final sale, no returns or exchanges.  We can ship and would love to help you with all your art needs.



Master's Editions recently began carrying a new nationally known artist, Heather Theurer. She is AMAZING. If you are a fan of Disney, you will be mesmerized by her work. She uses a mixture of realism and fantasy to craft completely original depictions of well-known Disney princesses like Cinderella as well as some of the newer leading ladies like Merida and Elsa. Prepare to be amazed... 

lilo and merida disney princesses by heather theurer disney fine art

mulan realistic disney princess painting heather theurer

mr toad and cinderella realistic paintings

heathertheurerdisneyprincesses 0004

belle beauty and the beast rapunzel lights

Good Morning by Asa GochenourNew 8x10 Original $795

I love visiting the beach every chance I get. My nearest coast line is a 13 hour drive, so that doesn't happen very often. I love walking bear foot along the shore, feeling the waves against my feet, and collecting sea shells.  Sun rises are pretty incredible at the beach, the colors are warm and pleasing to behold. Hope you like my painting
"Good Morning".